Michael Burgess with Nimisha Mistry,18, who is training to be a coach at Waterfront Boxing Club


To help people find out more about the sports opportunities on offer across the county, the Mercury today launches our Olympic Legacy campaign.

We will feature a different sports club each week, telling our readers all about it and how they can get in touch if they want to join.

Our first club is Waterfront Boxing Academy, in Belgrave.

Since the beginning of the Olympics the club has already received more than 80 inquiries from possible new members – it normally just gets 10 a month.

Coach Michael Burgess said: “It’s a perfect time for us.”

He said that Nicola Adams’ gold medal has provided a special boost for women’s boxing – and for the club as a whole.

“There’s been a lot of talk about Adams.

“Especially as she comes from an ethnic minority background and is a woman. Boxing is a bit of a male orientated environment.”

“She was brilliant” said Nish Mistry, 18, who volunteers at the club.

Waterfront is not the only club to reap the benefits of the Olympics.