Waterfront Sports & Education Academy (WSEA) is a performance, development, recreational and community base organisation. The club was originally formed in 1998 as a training area for a small group of friends who enjoyed socialising through training together. Since then the training area has progressed to become a community venue where young people and members of the community can access sporting activities as a diversion from unhealthy and negative lifestyles. In recent years the club has seen considerable growth and has became a community hub with over 300 members, with members of the club ranging from 4-54 years of age. Today members are provided with services, which provide various opportunities for members to excel within their chosen fields (boxing, fitness and education) enabling individuals to adopt healthier and more positive lifestyles. Overall the club has expanded since its beginnings, building strong foundations to provide opportunities for a range of social groups which enables opportunities for social engagement, rising of self esteem, the promotion of discipline as well as self respect.